15 thousand consumers struggling with low-voltage problem

Kubersthan. The five MVA transformer installed in the power sub-station of the market has been left in the same condition due to failure. It is not being repaired. The entire load of connection of this transformer has been shifted to another transformer of 10 MVA. Due to this, 15 thousand consumers of about 130 villages under the sub-centre are facing the problem of low voltage.
Till one year ago, electricity was supplied to about 15,000 consumers in 130 villages of Kubersthan, Sikta and Pipra Jatampur feeder from two transformers of five MVA each. Due to this both the transformers used to remain in overload. In order to relieve the consumers from the problem of low-voltage and power cut, the capacity of one transformer of five MVA has been increased and a new transformer of 10 MVA has been installed. After this, power supply was started by connecting the new transformer of 10 MVA to Sikta and Piprarajtampur feeder and from the transformer of five MVA to Kubersthan feeder. This gives consumers low-voltage

Many people including Kubersthan’s businessmen Omprakash Gupta, Suresh Jaiswal, Dinesh Jaiswal, Sonu Jaiswal, Nizamuddin Ansari of Batrauli, Ghanshyam Prasad, Umesh told that they are facing the problem of low voltage for three months, but the engineers of Electricity Corporation are not interested in it. are not taking. In this regard, JE Shailesh Yadav of Kubersthan Electricity Substation says that the higher authorities have been informed many times about the technical fault in the transformer. As soon as the system is made, the problem of low voltage of the consumers will be solved by getting it repaired or by installing another transformer in its place.


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