3 wicket-keeper batsmen who have scored the fastest 3000 runs in T20

Ever since the turmoil of T20 cricket has started in the cricket field, there has been a tremendous attraction of cricket fans towards this format. T20 cricket has served a different level of entertainment for the fans. When we talk about the players in this format, especially the batsmen have liked this format very much, in which one by one batsmen have spread their glory so far. In this, many specialist batsmen showed their talent, while some wicket-keeper batsmen have also left their special mark in this format.

When it comes to wicket-keeper batsmen, one name can be included in this list, but some of these wicket-keeper batsmen have not only shown their quickness behind the wicket but also with the bat in this format. Have made. Nowadays every team chooses such players for wicketkeeping, who can show their talent in batting as well. Today in this article we are going to mention 3 such wicket-keeper batsmen, who have completed the fastest 3000 runs in T20.

3 wicket-keeper batsmen who have scored the fastest 3000 runs in T20

#1 Quinton de Kock (97 innings)

South African wicket-keeper batsman Quinton de Kock may be calm in nature but he is very aggressive in batting. Quinton de Kock has managed to show his flair in all three formats. Out of these, he has got a different look in the T20 cricket format. De Kock is seen batting in a dangerous manner in this format, in which he has scored runs.

Looking at his T20 cricket career so far, he is close to scoring 7000 runs in this format. Deacock holds the record for the fastest 3,000 runs in T20 as a wicket-keeper batsman. He has achieved the feat of scoring 3000 runs in just 97 innings in this fast-paced format.

#2 Mohammad Shahzad (101 innings)

Talking about wicket-keeper batsmen in T20 cricket and not mentioning Afghanistan’s wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Shahzad, it is not possible. Mohammad Shahzad has established a tremendous dominance in this format. He has scored a lot of runs with the help of his crisp shots, which has made him the second fastest batsman to score 3,000 runs as a wicket-keeper batsman. Shahzad had achieved this feat in 101 innings in this format.

#3 Rishabh Pant (101)

If any wicket-keeper batsman has impressed the most in the last few years in world cricket, it is India’s talented wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant. Pant has proved his mettle in every format. Rishabh Pant’s style is especially considered in T20 cricket, who is known for scoring runs very fast. He has performed tremendously in T20 cricket so far. Pant also achieved the fastest 3000 runs as a wicket-keeper batsman in his 101st innings. He accomplished this feat in the 41st match of IPL 2021.



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