Afghanistan: US shoots down Islamic State ‘conspirator’ in drone strike

The US, while retaliating on the terrorist group Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K), killed its ‘conspirator’ in a drone strike.
The US strike came hours after suicide attacks outside Kabul airport.
ISIS-K claimed responsibility for the Kabul blasts, which killed more than 170 people, including 13 American soldiers, and injured 100.
Let us know about this in detail.

Biden had spoken of revenge

On Thursday, there were two loud explosions in Kabul. The first blast took place near the AB gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport and the second near a hotel located a short distance from the gate.
ISIS-K claimed responsibility and said that it had targeted the US and its allies.
After this, US President Joe Biden has warned ISIS that he will not forget it and will find and punish the culprits.

‘Conspirator’ not linked to Kabul attack: official

Crowd gathered outside Kabul airport
Crowd gathered outside Kabul airport

Giving information about the drone strike, Captain Bill Urban of the US Central Command said, “An unmanned airstrike was carried out in Nangahar province of Afghanistan. Early indications show that we have shot down the target. There is no information about any civilian casualties.” Not there.”
An official said the slain “conspirator” had nothing to do with the Kabul blasts and was planning to carry out attacks in future.

Drone was flown from a base in the Middle East

An official said the Ripper drone took off from an undisclosed base in the Middle East and hit its target going in the car. Two people were present in the car at that time and both have died.

America fears more attacks

The US has carried out this strike at a time when it has reached the final stage of ending its military operation from Afghanistan.
For the past several days, America, along with other countries, has been evacuating people from Afghanistan.
Due to security reasons, America had asked its citizens not to come towards the airport. Along with this, the people gathered near the gate were also asked to return.

Taliban asked to close roads

The US has asked the Taliban to close some roads, fearing more terror attacks around the airport. Let us tell you that Kabul airport is currently under US control and outside is occupied by Taliban.

Biggest attack on US troops since 2011

The bombings outside Kabul airport were the biggest attack on US troops in Afghanistan since 2011. 13 US military personnel have been killed in the blasts. Earlier in 2011, 30 soldiers were killed in a helicopter attack in Wardak province.
After Thursday’s blast, Joe Biden said the perpetrators of the attack would not be spared and would pay the price.


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