Airtel is giving free DTH subscription of Rs 465 to these users, know details

In the beginning of the year 2021, the telecom company Airtel has brought Airtel Black service to its subscribers as All-in-One Solutions for Homes.
With Airtel Black, Airtel users get fiber, DTH and mobile services on a single bill.
In this way, users can change the plans according to their needs.
Now the company is going to give the benefit of DTH subscription plan to Airtel Black users for free.

The company wants to connect new users with Airtel Black

Airtel wants to add more users to its Air Black offering and has brought a new plan.
Airtel Black users who want to take a DTH plan of Rs 465 for the first time, will be given a subscription to this plan for free.
First of all, this change was informed by Telecom Talk.
With Airtel Black, users can manage multiple connections simultaneously, although a primary postpaid connection is required to join this offering.

Information given on the company’s website

It has been told on Airtel’s website that Airtel Black users are given free services for 30 days on taking a service other than the existing service.
Airtel users who want to subscribe to it can visit the website to check eligibility with their mobile number and email ID.
The company says that users will get the benefit of Airtel Black facility without any installation fee or switching cost.

These benefits are available with Airtel Black

With Airtel Black, users can manage multiple bill payment dates, navigate customer care IVRs or interact with different service providers.
The telecom company says that apart from free-of-charge service visits, calls from Airtel Black users will be connected to customer care representatives in just 60 seconds.
The good thing is that users will also get the option to customize their plans.

Option to connect two or more services

Airtel customers can combine two or more Airtel services like Fibre, DTH and Mobile with this black service.
They do not have to pay separate bills for the services, but can pay together.
These users get a customer care number for all company services and a dedicated team of relationship managers.
Apart from this, the first assistance will be given to the users in case of any kind of malfunction or technical problem.

Users get four Airtel Black plans

Airtel offers four Airtel Black plans to its users, which users can customize according to their needs.
These plans start from Rs 998 and go up to Rs 2,099.
DTH + Mobile, Fiber + Mobile and All in One combinations are available with these plans.
The details of Airtel Black plans have been given on Airtel’s website in detail and new postpaid users can also subscribe to it.


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