America returned from Afghanistan, Taliban said – got ‘complete freedom’

The US military operation in Afghanistan has ended.
On Monday, the last US plane took off from Kabul airport, ending America’s two-decade military operation. Major General Chris Donahue was the last American soldier to board a plane from Kabul.
The US has ended its military operation a day before the August 31 deadline.
Let us know about this in detail.

US evacuates about 80,000 people from Kabul

General Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of the US Central Command, said that the US has evacuated 79,000 people, including 6,000 of its citizens, from Kabul since August 14.
Addressing a press conference at the Pentagon, McKenzie said, “I am here to inform that we have completed our evacuation operation from Afghanistan. This is a continuation of the 20-year operation in Afghanistan, along with the evacuation of military equipment. It’s also the end.”

On August 15, Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban

The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August. After this, President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and laid down his weapons of the Afghan army.
The whole of Kabul was controlled by the Taliban, but the international airport located here was under US control. Afghan citizens as well as citizens of other countries, embassy personnel and diplomats were being evacuated from here.
Over one lakh people have been evacuated from Kabul in the last two weeks.

No US employees in Afghanistan anymore: McKenzie

McKenzie said that he can say with full confidence that now there are no US employees in Afghanistan.
He said the US launched an evacuation operation on August 14 with the belief that Afghanistan’s military was willing and able to help, but the very next day the Taliban captured the capital. After this, the US launched an evacuation operation in contact with the Taliban.

US official praises Taliban

McKenzie told reporters that the Taliban had been “helpful” with airport security and “a lot of work”. He also praised the Taliban and their efforts, but pointed out that the US had not informed them of its last flight.

Biden said – will continue to help people

The US has said that even after the withdrawal of troops, it is committed to helping people who want to leave Afghanistan.
President Joe Biden, in his statement confirming the withdrawal of troops, praised the evacuation operation and promised that he would help evacuate Americans and eligible Afghan citizens left in Afghanistan.
Biden will address the nation on this issue this evening.

Taliban said – Afghanistan got ‘complete independence’

On the other hand, the Taliban have celebrated after the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan. Its fighters fired in the air as they walked the streets and Taliban leaders called it a historic moment.
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said Afghanistan had “complete independence” after the US returned. Senior Taliban official Anas Haqani said he was proud to see “these historic moments”.


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