BGMI Lite APK Download links: Can I download BGMI Lite from InterNet?

BGMI Lite APK Download Links Available on the Internet? PUBG Mobile Lite fans in India have been waiting for the game to arrive for a long time. BGMI was released a month ago, and battle royale players are searching the internet about BGMI Lite.

BGMI has been released for Android mobile gamers and they are enjoying it, iOS gamers are still waiting for the release of the game on their platform. The iOS version is also not available for pre-registration on the Apple App Store. The official date for the new iOS version of BGMI has not yet been revealed by Crafton.

As of now the developer of BGMI hasn’t revealed any information and there is little chance of the Lite version of the game being released in India. However, some people have made fake BGMI Lite APK Download Links available on the internet . There are some websites which are providing fake and illegal links to the people in which there are some other websites like which are giving fake release date and fake links to the user.

BGMI Lite APK Download Links Available on the Internet?

Crafton hasn’t issued an official statement regarding the possible release of BGMI Lite, but several websites are promoting fake APK links to download the game. Needless to say, these links are fake as they are promoting a game that doesn’t even exist.

Players should stay away from these websites as they are illegal. In addition, clicking on the given link may download viruses and malware viruses to their device.

These include not only the website but also some YouTube videos which are giving hope to the players about the possible launch of BGMI Lite. Some videos are prompting players to download the Lite version of BGMI under the pretext of BGMI Lite. None of these videos and website links are genuine and should be avoided.

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