Companion in IAF raped female officer, probed with banned two finger test

In the Indian Air Force (IAF), a sensational case of rape of a female officer by a colleague has come to light.
The shocking thing is that after the rape, the higher authorities instead of taking action against the accused officer, pressured the woman officer to withdraw the case.
Not only this, after the woman officer stuck to her point, the army doctor also conducted a restricted two-finger test to investigate rape.

The accused officer had executed the incident on 9 September

According to India Today, the woman officer posted at the IAF Administrative College in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu injured her right leg while playing basketball on September 9.
She then took painkillers and went to her colleagues in the officers’ mess bar in the evening.
During that time the accused officer Flight Lieutenant made him drink a drink. This made her nauseous and she started vomiting. On this his friend took him to the room.

Accused raped while sleeping

The victim woman officer alleges that when she was sleeping at night, the accused came to her room and tried to kiss her unconsciously.
She tried to push the accused, but could not do anything due to her leg injury.
Later the accused officer raped her. The next day the accused met him and apologized and asked him to face action. It was also recorded by his friend.

Officers pressurized to withdraw the complaint

The woman officer alleged that when she complained about the incident to the higher authorities, they threatened her about the consequences of filing a complaint against the accused and pressured her to withdraw the complaint.
After this, when she decided to file a complaint, the IAF doctor asked her for a video of the incident and a two-finger test banned by the Supreme Court to investigate rape. Due to this he had to suffer unbearable pain.

The officials made pressure to give a statement that everything was agreed

The woman officer said that other officers had pressurized her to give a statement that everything was in agreement. It was even said that when the injury could be tolerable, one could also bear the pain of seeing the accused in the premises.

woman officer filed complaint on 19 september

Seeing the behavior of the IAF doctor and other officers, she was completely broke and decided to file a complaint in the matter. He lodged an online FIR at Coimbatore police station on 19 September.
After this the police arrested the accused Amitesh. The woman officer said that the delay in the complaint was due to other officers making indirect threats to her and pressurizing her to withdraw the complaint.

Court extended the judicial custody of the accused till September 30

In the case, the police produced the accused Amitesh in the Additional Women’s Court in Coimbatore, where his judicial custody was extended till September 30.
During the hearing, the counsel for the accused argued that the civil police had no jurisdiction in the matter. The police should transfer the case to the IAF for court martial action.
Here, the police said that the woman officer has reached the civil police after ignoring the IAF.



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