Corona: Weekly cases at eight-week high, 66 percent recorded in Kerala

In the week ended Sunday, India has recorded the highest number of corona cases after eight weeks. Between 23-29 August, 2.9 lakh cases have been reported in India, of which 66 per cent have been reported in Kerala alone.
These cases are 32 percent more than last week. Earlier, between June 28 and July 4, 3.05 lakh people were found infected.
Let us know about this in detail.

1.9 lakh cases in Kerala alone

The corona infection spreading in Kerala is rapidly advancing the figure of total cases. Kerala recorded 1.9 lakh cases in the week ended Sunday. In the previous seven days, the infection was confirmed in 1.55 lakh people here.

For the first time, two-thirds of the cases reported in a state

Two-thirds of the total cases in a state had not been reported in a single week in the country since the start of the pandemic, but Kerala has broken that trend.
In the last week, more than 30,000-30,000 cases were registered here for four consecutive days. These days, the highest number of cases are being reported in the country.
Here the high speed of corona infection remains a matter of concern and the government has decided to impose night curfew.

Death toll also increased by 10 percent

Talking about the big states, only Maharashtra is witnessing a marginal increase of 1 per cent in weekly cases. Apart from this, the situation in other states seems to be under control.
At the same time, an increase of 10 percent has also been seen in the deaths due to corona across the country in the last week.
In the week ended Sunday, 3,439 people lost their lives to Corona, which is 10.5 percent more than the previous week (3,111).

Total cases in Kerala cross 40 lakh

Maharashtra remains the most affected state of the country due to Corona epidemic. So far, 64,56,939 people have confirmed the infection here and 1,37,157 people have died.
At the same time, Kerala is the second most affected state and the total cases here have crossed 40 lakhs.
So far 40,07,408 people have been found infected with the corona virus in Kerala, out of which 20,541 people have lost their lives.

How many people infected in the country?

42,909 new cases of corona were reported in India and 380 patients died.
With this, the total number of infected people in the country has gone up to 3,27,37,939. Out of these, 4,38,210 people have lost their lives.
The number of active cases has been increasing for a few days and at present it has reached 3,76,324.
India remains the second most affected country in the world after America.



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