Digital payment: Do this work immediately if money is transferred to the wrong account


Amidst the ongoing lockdown in the country, people are resorting to digital payment to avoid going to the bank.
With digital payment, lakhs of rupees can be sent from here to there in minutes sitting at home.
Although this work is very easy, but it is equally important to be careful in it. Sometimes money goes to the wrong account in haste or by mistake.
Let us know what you should do if money is transferred to the wrong account.

First inform the bank

If by haste, mistake or mistake you transfer money to another bank account, then first of all inform the bank about it.
You can inform your bank through phone, email. If you want, you can also tell the manager about this by going to the branch.
You will have to give all the necessary information including the time and date of the transaction in the bank, your account number, the account to which you have transferred the money.

Show the screenshot of the transaction to the bank as proof

Apart from this, always take a screenshot while doing any transaction. This may be useful to you in future. You can also show the screenshot of the wrong transaction in the bank.

In what time will the money come back?

If you have transferred money to a wrong account or to another account, then you will have to wait for a while to get the money back.
If the account to which you have sent the money does not exist then you will get your money after a while.
On the other hand, if your money has gone to another person’s account, then you will have to inform the bank about it. You will get back only after the completion of the prescribed process from here.


Having accounts in different banks takes more time

If you and the person to whom the money has been sent have an account in the same bank, then the process is completed quickly and the money is received quickly, but if you have accounts in different banks, the process takes time to complete.

This process will have to be completed if you have an account in different banks

If the account to which the money has been sent from you belongs to another bank, then you will have to go to the branch of that bank and give complete information.
After being satisfied with your information, the bank will share its customer details with you.
Along with this, he will also inform that customer about it. Banks cannot transfer money without the consent of the customer.
The bank will inform that account holder about the matter and ask to transfer the money back.

What if the person in front refuses to return the money?

In most cases of transfer by mistake or mistake, people transfer the money back, but if someone does not do this then you can file a case against him with the police.



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