Five rockets fired at Kabul airport, no casualties

Five rockets were fired at Kabul airport on Monday. The US has confirmed this, saying that evacuation operations at the airport have not been interrupted and President Joe Biden has been informed.
Apart from this, the local citizens have also said to hear the sound of bomb blast this morning. The type of blast and those who caused the blast are yet to be ascertained.

No damage reported yet

According to CNN, these rockets were intercepted by the C-RAM defense system at Kabul airport. So far no damage has been reported from it.
C-RAM is an automated system that detects incoming threats and destroys them with the help of machine guns.
This system is being used in Iraq and Afghanistan to deal with threats to the US military.

Biden calls for increased security

“The President has been informed that operations at Kabul Airport are proceeding smoothly. He has asked commanders stationed in Kabul to redouble efforts to protect the military,” the White House statement said.

America’s military operation in Afghanistan will end tomorrow

Significantly, America’s military operation in Afghanistan will end tomorrow i.e. on August 31 and before that it is engaged in evacuating its civilians, embassy personnel and soldiers.
There were already fears that there could be terrorist attacks during the withdrawal of America and its allies.
President Biden himself warned that terrorists could target Kabul airport.

America did air strike on Sunday

Earlier on Sunday evening, the US claimed to have killed suspected terrorists of Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) by airstrike near Kabul airport.
In a statement issued by the US, it was said that these terrorists were going to attack Kabul airport.
The Islamic State carried out a suicide bombing outside the airport on Thursday, killing nearly 200 people, including American soldiers.

Nine people including children died in airstrike

Initially, the US said that there was no harm to the general public in the airstrike, but later it was told that the general public was harmed due to the explosion of explosives kept in the vehicle on which the airstrike was carried out.
Nine people of a family living in Khaje Bughra area of ​​Kabul have died in this airstrike. A two-year-old girl was also among the dead.

Taliban condemns airstrike

The Taliban condemned the airstrike on a suspected Islamic State terrorist, saying the US violated Afghanistan’s sovereignty. Its spokesman Bilal Karimi said that such operations on the soil of others are not good and the US should have informed about it earlier.
“We will condemn the United States whenever it conducts such a campaign,” Karimi said.
Let us tell you that this strike took place at 5 pm local time.

American soldiers are returning from Kabul

America’s military operation in Kabul ends on August 31 and in view of this, its troops are returning. Last week there were 5,800 US troops at Kabul airport, of whom 1,800 have now returned.
Talking about the common people, America has so far evacuated 1,14,400 people, including thousands of Afghan citizens.
Countries like Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Canada have stopped evacuation operations.


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