Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 Items Leaked, Loot Box to Backpack to Rewards

Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 items have been leaked. In this, players can get many items from Loot Box to Backpack. Although these items have not been officially confirmed, but you will find many such items in it, which will make the gaming experience great.

Events are an important part of the game in Garena Free Fire. Thanks to these events, players are more engaged in the game and at the same time they get a chance to win many rewards. Recently the reward items of Free Fire Booyah Day have been leaked. If the leaked report turns out to be true, Free Fire players are going to be getting a big treat soon. Free Fire developers have added many items to this event.

Although the Diwali celebrations have not started yet, the details of the upcoming Booyah Day 2021 event have been leaked. A well-known Free Fire data miner KnightClown has shared a video that uploads details of the rewards received on the day of Free Fire’s Booyah Day 2021 event. 

Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 will get many items

The famous free fire miner KnightClown has given this information in his Instagram post. The miner has given a glimpse of the rewards he will receive at Free Fire’s upcoming Booyah Day 2021 event. However, no schedule or way to achieve them has been shared. Let us know what will be special in the Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 event. 

  • Basketball Life (Banner)
  • BOOYAH DAY 2021 (Pin)
  • Bone-raging FistBone-raging Parachute
  • BOOYAH DAY 2021 (Loot Box)
  • Bone-raging Loot Box
  • Grenade – BOOYAH DAY 2021
  • Gloo Wall – BOOYAH DAY 2021
  • Winged Bones (Backpack)
  • Pan – BOOYAH DAY 2021
  • Bone-raging Scythe
  • Sports Car – BOOYAH DAY 2021
  • Monster Truck – BOOYAH Day 2021
  • UMP – BOOYAH DAY 2021
  • Masked Warlord Bundle
  • Mystic Evil Bundle
  • Alpha Bone-rager Bundle
  • Beta Bone-rager Bundle
  • Gamma Bone-rager Bundle
  • Delta Bone-rager Bundle
  • Skyrage Skeleton (Emote)
  • Dribble King (Emote)
  • Golden Combo (Emote)
  • Sick Moves (Emote)
  • The Chosen Victor (Emote)

All these items are based on leaked information, so it is not necessary to be included in Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 . Note that Garena hasn’t announced Free Fire Booyah Day 2021 yet. Earlier, KnightClown had released the list and calendar of Free Fire Diwali 2021 items. While some of these items were part of the Diwali level up shop and top-up events, many items were not included.



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