Free Fire Diwali Events: Just login to this special event and choose your own reward

The name of a special event of Free Fire Diwali Events is Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers. In this event, users will get rewards just by logging in. This event will run from October 29 to November 7 and users will get a chance to choose their own rewards.

Free Fire Diwali Events is giving gamers a lot of in-game items like bundles, skins for free. Free Fire Diwali Events are running from 25 October and there are still many events left, in which users can get a lot of rewards. 

Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers is one such Diwali event, which went live yesterday i.e. 29 October 2021. In this event, users will get a chance to choose the reward of their choice. 

The Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers event is a Diwali event that rewards users even if they just login to Daily Free Fire . This event is very different from all other events. In this, users get a chance to choose their reward from a set of rewards. 

Rewards for seven days of this event

On first day login: AWM – Lucky Koi

On second day login: Party Animal Gun Box

On login on the third day: (One of these three – Death Incoming/Bunny Frenzy/Street Dominance)

On login on Day 4: M14 – Egg Hunter

On day 5 login: (One of the three – 3x Time Travelers Thompson Crate/Bounty Hunter AUG Box/Executioner KAR98K Crate)

On login on the 6th day: (1000x Universal Fragment)

On login on Day 7: (One of the three – Ballin’ n Brawlin’/5x Weapon Royale Voucher/5x Diamond Royale Voucher)

Steps required to get reward

Step 1: After opening the Events section, players need to go to the Pick Your Own Diwali Hampers interface.

Step 2: Now users can choose any of the reward items that appear on the screen.

Step 3: After selecting the prize, the players have to click on the confirm button.


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