Free Fire Pet and Gun Skin will be available for free, this is how you can get it

Free Fire Pet: In Free Fire, players are looking for different ways to get free rewards. Since players have to spend diamonds to buy exclusive items in the game including characters, pets, outfits, players are always looking for other ways. Events coming in the game can get many such rewards free to the players. Recently the Free Fire Diwali celebration has started, in which players are getting many rewards like free pets, weapon skin and loot crates. 

Easy Ways to Get a Free Fire Pet

Charge the Portal

Players will have to complete daily missions in Free Fire’s Charge the Portal event. By doing this they will get Energy Points and after getting a certain number of points, players will get rewards. Players will get one of four Gun Skins for 50 Energy Points (Portal Unlocked) in this event. At the same time, on completion of 90 points (extra charge), players will get one pet out of five. Upon collecting 130 Energy Points (Super Charge), players will receive one of four Gun Skins. 

That is, by participating in this event, players can get two gun skins and a permanent pet for free. Let us know which Pets and Gun skin options will be available in this. 

In this event, players will get the option of Detective Panda , Rockie, Shiba, Robo, Ottero Pets. On the other hand, talking about gun skin, it will get the option of Famas – Warrior’s Spirit, UMP – Art of War, M60 – Crimson Red, M4A1 – Flaming Skull.

Diwali Top Up 2 Event

After Diwali top-up event, the second Diwali top-up event has started on Free Fire from 22nd October. This event will run till October 28, in which players can get rewards. This reward will be available on buying a certain number of diamonds. In this event, players will get 3X Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate on top-up of 100 Diamonds and Katana – Sword of Honor on top-up of 300 Diamonds . Apart from these two events, the Pick Diwali Hamper event will start from October 29.



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