Google is going to shut down the popular navigation app, millions of users use it

The company is asking users to use Google Assistant driving mode.

The search engine company has decided to shut down its popular app Android Auto for Phone Screens.
Millions of users around the world use this app while driving a car.
With the Android Auto program, Google gives users the option to connect their car with a smartphone and manage their journey with a smartphone.
As the name suggests, the Android Auto app helps users while driving.

Google is going to shut down the Android Auto for Phone Screens app.

App will shut down at the end of this year

Android Auto for Phone Screens offers many features like app navigation, music playback, call and text management.
However, not all cars come with Android Auto support, due to which not all Android users got the benefit of this app.
Google has announced that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app will be discontinued by the end of this year.
However, the official date of this shutdown has not been given yet.

That’s why Google is closing the app

A 9to5Google report states that with the official release of Android 12 in the next few weeks, the Android Auto for Phone Screens app will stop working.
Actually, Google has recently made many features found in this app a part of Google Maps app.
This means users will not need a separate app and Google Maps as a stand-alone navigation app will make driving easier for them.

Company will change with Android 12

Google announced the latest mobile operating system version Android 12 at the I/O 2021 event earlier this year.
The official update of Android 12 may start receiving with the launch of Google Pixel 6 series.
With the new update, Google is going to stop the old service and give new features to its users.
The option of Android Auto for Phone Screens app can be found in the Google Maps app.

Google is showing messages to app users

The company is asking users to use Google Assistant driving mode.

It has been said in the report that some Android App for Phone Screens app users are being shown messages from the company.
The company is not telling these users about the app shut-down but is advising them to use ‘Google Assistant Driving Mode’ instead of this app.
In the Maps app, the company has recently given features like sending and receiving text messages, voice calling and listening to music while driving.

Driving mode feature is available in Google Assistant

At the beginning of the year, Google Assistant has been given a new driving mode, with the help of which important tasks can be done on the smartphone while keeping the focus on the road.
In driving mode, users can do things like make or receive calls, send texts, control music and listen to new messages just by speaking.
If users want to read a text written on the smartphone without looking at the screen, the assistant reads it out and they do not have to look at the phone.


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