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FM WhatsApp Ko Kaise Download Kare, FM WhatsApp Ko Kaise Update Kare, How To Download FM WhatsApp? Is it safe to use FM Whatsapp? FM WhatsApp ko update kaise kare ? What is the difference between Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp?

FM WhatsApp Ko Kaise Download Kare – FM WhatsApp is a platform that is very similar to your original WhatsApp! If you also want some special features inside your WhatsApp, then you should move away from this original WhatsApp and come to FM WhatsApp! Where you get to see more features than the original WhatsApp,
if you do not know what is FM WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp ko download kaise kare or FM WhatsApp ko update kaise kre, then you must follow this post from beginning to end. Remained as it is ! You will get absolutely accurate information about this post FM whatsapp!

What is FM whatsapp?

FM whatsapp is also a kind of messenger platform, it is a replica of original whatsapp but in FM whatsapp more features have been given according to original whatsapp! Which attracts a normal user a lot!
If we talk about FM whatsapp according to the user, then very half of the security has been taken care of in it such as “Hide Last Seen, Hide Blue Tick and other types of Chat Lock feature etc. In a way, we can call this the updated version of the original whatsapp.

What is the full form of FM whatsapp?

The full form of FM whatsapp is “Fouad Mokdad Whatsapp”, the owner of FM whatsapp was a developer himself! Due to which he launched FM WhatsApp in his own name. Which is being liked a lot these days!

How to download FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp ko download kaise kare : If you were also running your original WhatsApp and now you want to add some new features to your WhatsApp, then you should come to FM WhatsApp! Here you will find many new features! Which will attract you a lot towards you!

FM Whatsapp ko kaise download kre ?

To download FM WhatsApp ko, you have to follow the steps given by us! With the help of which you will be able to easily download FM WhatsApp in your computer and mobiles!

  • First of all you have to go to Google! There you have to search by writing FM WhatsApp !
  • As soon as you search, many websites will be shown in front of you!
  • Now you have to click on the first website
  • Now the website with FM WhatsApp downloading will open in front of you!
  • Now you can download FM WhatsApp by crawling down the website and clicking on the download button given below .

FM WhatsApp ko update kaise kare ?

FM WhatsApp does not update automatically like original WhatsApp gets updated automatically . If you want to update this FM WhatsApp, then you have to go to its official website. There you have to download FM WhatsApp again! You will have to reinstall after downloading! FM WhatsApp can be updated in this way!

What is the feature of FM WhatsApp?

We are going to tell you the following some of the amazing features of FM WhatsApp! Which we will know in points!

Save Number: If you ask someone to msg on Whatsapp, then you do not need to save any number in it like Original Whatsapp! In this you can send msg to anyone without saving the number.

Hide Blue Tick: With the help of this feature, you can read anyone’s msg! And the sender of the msg will not even know whether anyone has seen his msg yet or not!

Deleted Massage: If someone unknown or someone of your own has sent a message to you, as soon as the message is sent, he again deletes the same sent message! In such a situation, if you are using FM WhatsApp, then you can read that deleted msg very easily with the help of this feature!

Themes: As you must know that no theme can be added or installed separately in the original WhatsApp, but in this you can install any theme separately and you can change it whenever you want!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of FM WhatsApp?

We have explained the advantages and disadvantages of FM WhatsApp in the following steps, which we have explained very well in points so that you do not have any problem in understanding!
FM WhatsApp is preferred only because of its features!
Using FM WhatsApp is not safe at all!
All your information can be leaked through FM WhatsApp, so that you can get into trouble in the coming time!
FM WhatsApp is never updated automatically, we have to update it by ourselves.
In FM WhatsApp, we can install any theme according to our mind!

FM Whatsapp QnA in Hindi

1. FM WhatsApp is the company of which country?

In a research it has been found that FM Whatsapp is an American company which was created by Fouad Mokdad.

2. Is it safe to use FM Whatsapp?

Using FM whatsapp is not safe at all! With the help of this all your data can be leaked. Due to which Google Play Store is not even available! Google only promotes those websites and apps which are safe and can work according to Google’s guidelines.

3. What is the difference between Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an Original Application and FM Whatsapp is a MOD Version! Compared to the original WhatsApp, there are many more features available in FM Whatsapp which can attract any user.

I hope you all have understood this post very well. If you still have any question in your mind then you can ask us in comments. We are very happy to answer your questions!


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