How to get 100% Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

Diamonds are the most important thing in Garena Free Fire. Most players call it by the name of expensive diamond. Use the in-game diamonds to get unique and awesome items. There are many websites for top-up diamonds on the internet, which one can do to top-up diamonds. However, most of the players are unable to buy the diamonds. So, in this article we are going to tell you how to get 100% free diamonds in Free Fire.

How to get 100% Free Diamonds in Free Fire?

The currency diamonds of Garena Free Fire get quite expensive for the players. Which one has to spend a lot of Indian money to buy. There are many famous GPT websites in the world that one can use to top-up diamonds. Below are the options for players to get free diamonds.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a GPT app developed by Google’s developer. By downloading the application, players can complete surveys, and other tasks. After completing all these players are given credits in the account. Which can be used to buy diamonds.

2) Poll Pay

The Poll Pay app on the Google Play Store is used by millions of players. Players have to create their own account to download this app. On this app players have to take surveys, quizzes, and download the app. By downloading them, players get rewards in the account. Which can be used to top-up diamonds in Free Fire.



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