How to get free gun skins inside Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is played on mobile platforms by players all over the world. There are powerful weapons available to fight against enemies inside the game. Players can purchase any gun skin of their choice from the store section. By using skin on the weapon, the power to inflict damage on enemies increases. Because, the skin has different states of damage, recoil, reload and accuracy.

On special occasions within the game, players receive gun skins for free. The Gun Skin of SPAS12 is currently available in-game, so how to get it in-game. Well, in this article we are going to tell you about how to get gun skin from inside Garena Free Fire.

How to get free gun skins inside Garena Free Fire?

The developers of Free Fire added the cool and unique gun skin of SPAS12 to players a while back, according to Luck Royale inside the game. Most players have received free skins from this event.
So there is a special occasion for all the Battle Royale players. Get SPAS12’s Gun Skin for free before the event ends. Players get their first spin for free. In addition to this, players can also get a lot of rewards in the prize pool during spin. Applying this skin will give more damage to enemies on the field than before, as the stats have been changed which can be seen below.

  • Damage :- “++”
  • Ammunition: “+”
  • Accuracy: “-“

Above are the stats after the skin is applied to the SPAS12. Therefore, professional players do well using gun skins. During the spin, players will receive gun skins for free.


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