How to Increase Follower on Moj App?

Friends , you are Moj App User and put your short videos on it but your followers are not increasing. Also, your content or talent is there, you upload it but no one likes and neither your followers are increasing. Then you must be thinking that why do I not get views on whatever video I put in it, as soon as someone else is putting a video like you, its video is going viral.

A lot of Likes, Comments, and Views are coming on it, along with its followers are also increasing. But why are your followers not increasing? So friends, we will give you the answer to this problem, in which we will tell you how you can increase your follower on Moj App? Also, how can you make your talent viral so that your video also gets more Likes, Comments, and Views.

Friends Moj App is an Indian App, it is an application of Sharechat which was created after the TikTok ban in India. This is a short video app in which people post content of up to 15 seconds. When TikTok was banned from India due to leaking of data. Then there were many active users in India. Those who needed the app like TikTok in India, at the same time this app was brought to the play store. From that time itself this app became famous in India. In today’s time, this app has more than 100 million downloads and has a rating of 4.3.

Many people put their content on it like TikTok. Its users are increasing in India. Friends, if you also have a good follower on this app, then you too can become a Moj App Star. Friends, do you know that there are all such people who became stars after the arrival of Tik Tok. Today many people know all of them are their fans. So friends, you can also become famous by making any of your talents in short videos of only 15 seconds, there are many people who are also stars on this app. All the sponsor companies give them money to advertise their product and if you have more followers on this app then you too can earn a lot sitting at home, friends, a small sponsor company will give you thousands or millions. In order to give money to Ad so that you can earn good money, you just have to reach your talent logo.

The Algorithm of Tik Tok was very hard, so videos on it were not easily viral, but friends, the algorithm of this app is not very difficult, just you have to pay good attention to some things about which we are going to tell you further. You will be able to increase your followers easily and at the same time your videos will also be viral. Below we have brought some of the best ways for you, so that you will be able to increase your followers, friends.

Create Attractive Profiles 

Your profile should be very attractive to see so that people like your profile, along with this your Bio should also be well written as well as you can also write your Email Id in Bio. Due to this you have chances of getting sponsor. Friends, this will help you in increasing your followers.

Keep Cover or Thumbnail attractive 

Friends, whoever is going to watch your video, first of all he sees your Thumbnail or Cover photo, only then he opens the video, whatever is the best scene in your video, he should keep the cover photo of his video Cover photo should be such that People should know what you are trying to tell in the video, as well as according to the category of your video, you should also put emoji or special effect in the cover photo so that your views know what type of your video is, by doing this your video becomes viral. Chances increase due to which your followers also start increasing.

Post 2 to 3 videos daily 

Friends, you have to post your content daily. You must post at least 2 to 3 videos daily until you become a good follower. You can also fix the time at which time you will post your video . Friends, tell your content in 15 seconds in such a way that people understand what you are trying to say.

Attractive Title 

In this app, you do not get the option of description, here people come to your video only from the title of your video, so you have to keep the title of your video attractive so that people like to see your video as well as keep this curiosity in them. What’s in your video? This app gives you many special effects and emoji which you have to use well in the title, if your video is funny or emotional then you have to add it to the title, so that your followers increase and you become a community which always remains. Huh.

Use Trendy # Tags 

If your followers are not growing even by uploading videos and applying good cover photos, then one of the main reasons for this can be not using trendy # tags, on Moj App you get to see Daily New # tags which are used in your videos. have to do well. By making a video on the trendy # tag, this app itself promotes your video. Makes your video reach as many people as possible.

Keep the volume of the video 100% 

If the volume of your video is less than 100%, then some people do not like to watch your video, so try to keep the quality and volume of your video good, it increases the chances of people liking your content. Your follower also grows.

Use Viral Song 

Use the song that is going viral in the content you post, due to the use of viral songs in your video, the algorithm of this app reaches your video to more people, which increases your followers.

Make Duet Videos with Celebrities 

Make a video on Trendy Song with Celebrity Videos, due to which your video starts going viral and followers increase.

Follow to Follow Back Comments Use 

By going to the comment section of whose videos are going viral, you have to follow and leave by writing follow back, as well as follow those who are following you back, by doing this your followers definitely increase.

Do Lips Recording of Trendy Songs or Dialogues 

To increase your followers, you should lip-sing Trendy Songs or Dialogues as well as use Trendy # tag in it. This will also add good followers to your video as well as you will get good Likes, Comments and Views too.

Create category and put video 

Friends, when you post a video by creating a category, then many viewers who like your category follow you, who will always like your video. For this it is necessary to create a category.

Be a Part of the Challenge 

Be a part of the challenge that is going viral or you can create a new challenge yourself which can go viral, it can increase you many followers in a day.

Share your video on other social media also

Share the video you make on other social media platforms like WhatsApp , Twitter, Instagram , Telegram , you can get good followers from here too.

How did you like this information of ours, please tell us friends. Also, if you have more questions regarding your Moj App, then tell us in the comment. Stay tuned with us for more details. This is the best way to increase Moj App Followers and you can create millions of followers by publishing videos on this Shorts video maker App.



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