India evacuates 550 people including 260 Indians from Afghanistan after Taliban capture

The situation in Afghanistan has been getting worse since the Taliban took over. Various countries including India are busy in evacuating the people trapped there.
Meanwhile, two bomb blasts near Kabul airport on Thursday have dealt a big blow to the evacuation operation.
Here, the Government of India said that a total of 550 people, including 260 Indian citizens, have been safely evacuated to India through six special flights from Afghanistan so far.

Took the help of different agencies to evacuate Indians – Bagchi

According to Hindustan Times, spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “We had operated six different flights from Kabul and Dushanbe in which more than 550 people were evacuated. These included more than 260 Indian nationals.”
He further said, “The Indian government has evacuated Indians stranded in Afghanistan through different agencies. We were in touch with countries like the US and Tajikistan during the evacuation of our citizens.”

Almost everyone who wanted to return to India was evacuated – Bagchi

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that the information about bringing back most of the people who want to come to India.

Bagchi said, “We have safely evacuated almost all Indian people who wish to return to India. Although there are still some more people likely to be in Afghanistan, there is no exact number of people. ”
“There were about 40 people on the last flight from Afghanistan and some Afghan nationals, including Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, have also been evacuated,” he said.

Priority is to evacuate all Indians trapped in Afghanistan- Bagchi

Bagchi said that the government’s first priority is on the safe return of all Indians stranded in Afghanistan, but the government will also stand with the Afghan citizens.
He said that the government has been successful in bringing Indian citizens as well as Afghan citizens and citizens of other countries out of the crisis-hit country. Most of the people who returned to India are from the Hindu and Sikh communities. The situation in Afghanistan at present is very bad.

No clarity on government formation in Kabul yet

Bagchi said there was no clarity about the government formation in Kabul. Despite this, the government is monitoring the situation in Kabul very carefully. The government is also exploring the possibility of evacuating the remaining people trapped there.
He said that the Ministry of External Affairs has announced e-emergency visa for the citizens of Afghanistan coming to India. These visas will be valid for six months. After that further decision will be taken.

Two explosions took place near Kabul airport

Two bomb blasts took place near Kabul airport on Thursday evening amid an evacuation operation from Afghanistan. In this, a total of 110 people, including 13 American soldiers, have died and more than 150 people have been injured.
The Islamic State (ISIS) Khorasan has claimed responsibility for the attack. Regarding the attack, America has said that it will never forget the culprits and will find them and punish them. Since then the evacuation work has been interrupted.

America announces not to have troops in Afghanistan after August 31

Following the blasts, the United Kingdom (UK) was asked to be in the final stages of its evacuation operation and to suspend further operations for the time being.
Similarly, some other European countries such as Spain, Italy and France have also informed about their plans to call off the evacuation operation on Friday.
Here, the US has said that it will not expand its presence on Afghan soil after August 31.



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