IPL 2021 Purple Cap

IPL 2021 Purple Cap – The start of IPL 2021 has been good for some teams and bad for some. But still there is nothing for any team to panic too much. Because now IPL 2021 has just started. Still have to watch the full game.

In IPL 2021, players of all teams are sweating fiercely in the field. Meanwhile, the world has started among all the players for the “IPL 2021 Purple Cap”. All the bowlers are trying their best to achieve the IPL 2021 Purple Cap. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you in detail about the “IPL 2021 Purple Cap list”.

It is the dream of every bowler in the IPL to win the Purple Cap title. But you also know that the player who performs well in every match emerges as the holder of the purple cap. So let’s know well about the players of IPL 2021 Purple Cap.

IPL 2021 Purple Cap – IPL 2021 Purple Cap List



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