Jigar Thakor Gujarati Singer Biography, Lifestyle, Real Age And Education (Makeup Wala Mukhda Singer Wiki)

What is the biography of Makeup Wala Mukhda Singer? Friends, the song Makeup Wala Mukhda has sung by Jigar Thakor is becoming viral in the hall itself. This song of Jigar Thakur is becoming increasingly viral in Instagram reels and other platforms of short videos more than YouTube.

Who is jigar Thakor

Let me tell you, the name of this singer, who sings the song ‘Makeup Wala Mukhda’, is also called ‘Maniraj’ by the people of Jigar Thakor.

                                  Singer – Jigar Thakor

Where does Jigar Thakor live?

For your information, let us tell you that Jigar Thakur, A Makeup Wala Mukhda song singer, lives in the Surat district of Gujarat state.

What is the actual age of Jigar Thakor?

Jigar Thakor’s age is 10 years. At a young age, Jigar Thakor has become a professional singer. His sung song with makeup wala mukhda is going viral with a lot of speed.

Jigar Thakor family information

Jigar Thakor belongs to a middle-class family. Now let’s talk about Jigar Thakor’s family, Jigar Thakor’s father’s name is Sorap Ji Thakor, and Jigar Thakor’s brother’s name is Rishabh Thakor.

                                    jigar thakor father

Education of Jigar Thakor

Right now, Jigar Thakor’s age is 10 years, and if we talk about Jigar Thakor’s studies, he is still studying in the fourth Class. Jigar studies in Gujarat.

The Career Of Jigar Thakor

Jigar Thakor is a Gujarati singer, recently one of his songs, Makeup Wala Mukhda, has become viral with a lot of speed. Along with this, he has also come up with many other songs whose information is given below. Jigar has become a Gujarati singer at the age of 10.

Jigar Thakor Videos Song 

Questions and answers related to Jigar Thakor

Q.1 What is the actual name of Jigar Thakor?

Ans. Jigar Thakor’s real name is Maniraj.

Q.2 What is Jigar Thakor’s actual age?

Ans.Jigar Thakor’s actual age is ten years as of 2021.

Q.3 What is Jigar Thakor’s father’s name?

Ans. Jigar Thakor’s father’s name is Sorap Ji Thakor.

Q.4 What is Jigar Thakor’s education?

Ans. Jigar Thakor studies in 4th standard.



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