Kabul: Nine members of a family including six children killed in US airstrike – report

On Sunday, the US targeted suspected terrorists by conducting an airstrike in Kabul.
The US says that these Islamic State terrorists were suicide bombers and were going to attack Kabul airport.
The US has also acknowledged that civilians were harmed in this attack. American media quoted eyewitnesses as saying that nine people from a family, including six children, were killed in the airstrike.

America was alert about terrorist attack

US President Joe Biden said last day that he had reliable information that an attack could happen near Kabul airport in the next few hours.
Amidst this warning, information about an airstrike came to light near the airport on Sunday evening. The US said it had targeted Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) terrorists who were a security threat.
Let me tell you, Islamic State has already attacked in Kabul.

Damage caused by explosives kept in the vehicle – America

Initially, it was said from the US that there was no harm to the general public in the airstrike, but later it was told that the general public was harmed due to the explosion of the explosive kept in the vehicle on which the airstrike was done.
The US military had said in its statement that the second explosion in the vehicle meant that a large amount of explosive material was kept in it.

Central command said this thing

Captain Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Central Command, said: “We are aware of casualties caused by an airstrike on a vehicle in Kabul. We are deeply saddened by the loss of an innocent life.”

Nine members of a family killed in airstrike – report

According to CNN, nine people of a family living in Khaje Bughra area have died in this airstrike. A two-year-old girl is also among the dead.
The brother of one of the deceased said that his brother Jamare, 30, Nasir, 20, Jamir, 10, Faisal, 9, Farzad, 4, Armin, 3, Benjamin, 2 Ayat, 2, and Sumaya, 2, were among the dead. Huh.

Taliban condemns airstrike

The Taliban condemned the airstrike on a suspected Islamic State terrorist, saying the US violated Afghanistan’s sovereignty. Its spokesman Bilal Karimi said that such operations on the soil of others are not good and the US should have informed about it earlier.
“We will condemn the United States whenever it conducts such a campaign,” Karimi said.
Let us tell you that this strike took place at 5 pm local time.

About 200 people were killed in Kabul on Thursday

Earlier on Thursday, about 200 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in bomb blasts outside Kabul airport. ISIK suicide bombers carried out these blasts.
Within hours of the attack, the US killed two people, including an Islamic State conspirator, in a drone strike. Biden said it was not the last strike. America will hunt down all those responsible for the attack.

American soldiers are returning from Kabul

America’s military operation in Kabul ends on August 31 and in view of this, its troops are returning. Last week there were 5,800 US troops at Kabul airport, of whom 1,800 have now returned.
Talking about the common people, America has so far evacuated 1,14,400 people, including thousands of Afghan citizens. Countries like Britain, France, Spain, Germany and Canada have stopped evacuation operations.


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