Kalash tribe: The community settled in the mountains of Pakistan, which lives a separate life from the outside world.

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Like India and other countries, Pakistan also has many secrets inside itself. One of these is the mystery of the Kalash tribe settled in the Hindu Kush mountains. The people of this tribe believe that our culture is safe only because of living in the mountains. Their traditions are similar to the ancient beliefs of Hindus, but even then some things remain a mystery about them.

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This mountain is in the Pakistani area adjacent to the border of Afghanistan, which has a history. It is said that Sikandar had won this area, since then it came to be known as Kaukasoosh Indikosh. It means in Greek language, Hindustani mountain. Because of this, the Kalash community is also said to be a descendant of Alexander the Great. The population of Kalash tribe is very less. These people live their lives completely isolated from the outside world.

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community of 3800 people

According to the 2018 census, there were only 3800 people in this community and since then they were given a place in a separate tribe. The people here live in houses made of mud, wood and mud. Women and men drink alcohol together during the festival. Along with this, they sing and dance by playing the flute and drum. During the ceremony, they also keep weapons and weapons with them because they are afraid of the majority population of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Women are responsible for earning money

From earning money to running the household in the Kalash tribe, most of the responsibility lies with women. For this, the women here make purses and colorful garlands, which men go to sell in the market. Apart from this, women also do the work of grazing sheep and goats. The women here are fond of makeup. Due to this, women wear a special cap and a garland made of stones around the neck.

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Women have the freedom to choose their partner

Three festivals are celebrated here. During these festivals, boys and girls meet each other and get married if they like each other. If a woman likes another man, she can live with him. Women here have complete freedom to choose their partner, but women in Pakistan do not have the freedom.

Women have to stay in community home during periods

According to a belief in this tribe, women here have to stay in community homes during periods instead of at home, where they are given all the facilities. Then after five days the women come back to their homes after taking a bath from there.

It is believed that if women touch the people of the house or God during periods, then there may be a flood or there may be a famine.


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