Karwa Chauth Special Gifts: What to gift to wife on Karwa Chauth and what not, know everything here

On  the day of Karwa Chauth , wives fast for the long life of their husbands by staying hungry and thirsty for the whole day. After this, after seeing the moon in the night, she breaks the fast, then she goes somewhere and drinks water. If wives can do so much for their husbands, then husbands should also express their love, not by giving a lovely gift to their wives so that  happiness can be showered on this festival from both the sides  .

While giving a gift, the big question is, what to gift after all? So it is very important to know this because your gift tells how much you understand them and how serious the relationship is for you, so know what to gift and what not.

Which gifts can be given:

1. Designer Saree

To make the wife feel special, she can be gifted a designer saree. Many shops also offer discounts on this day, so take advantage of these offers to gift a lovely saree.

2. Designer Bags

Designer bags can also be given on Karva Chauth. Your wife will be happy on seeing the purse.

3. Clock

Not all women but some women like it. It is also a part of the watch that even if she dislikes, she will wear it. Therefore, you can give the watch without thinking.

4. Surprise Date

You can take it on a surprise date to spend moments of peace and tranquility. Spend your quality time well.

5. Diamond Jewelery

Take the diamond with your eyes closed because every woman likes it.

6. Makeup Kit

Makeup is the first love of women, but before giving makeup kit, ask well and give it thoughtfully.

6. Makeup Kit

Makeup is the first love of women, but before giving makeup kit, ask well and give it thoughtfully.

7. Red Rose Bouquet

Red Roses are considered a symbol of love, so there can be no better way to express your love than this. So you can also give Red Rose Bouquet to your wife.

8. Photo Collage

Memories are the basis of any relationship, it makes it strong. So capture those memories in pictures and gift them with Photo Collage.

Which gifts should not be given

1. Don’t give gifts in white

Be it clothes or any other gift, keep in mind that it should not be of white color because the fast of Karva Chauth is kept for the long life of the husband. So do not give white colored clothes at all.

2. Don’t wear black clothes

Black color is inauspicious for any worship. Therefore, do not give any gift of black color on the day of Karva Chauth.

3. Don’t Order Heavy Dinner

Women remain without water all day during Karva Chauth, so eating heavy food immediately after fast can be harmful for health. If you are planning dinner, keep it light.

4. Electronic Items

Do not give electronic items even by mistake, otherwise, on the day of Karva Chauth, you may have to see the angry look of the wife.

5. Kitchen Ingredients

Anyway, every woman’s time is spent in the kitchen all day, so understand how tired she must be. And then if you gift them kitchen items, they will get angry.

6. Home Decor Items

Every woman is fond of decorating the house, but it is not necessary that if they like home decoration items in the gift too, then do not give up.

7. Do not give sewing and knitting items

Many women are very fond of sewing and knitting, but this does not mean that you should gift them sewing and knitting items.

We have given the list of gifts, but now it is your job to buy gifts before the moon rises.


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