Know when, who and why was the first FIR lodged in the country, in which police station the report was written?

India’s First FIR:  The cycle of defense and security has been going on in India since ancient times. In the era of gods and goddesses, there were guards and guards for protection. In the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata, even more developed systems of defense and security are read. This circle of protection was present from Emperor Ashoka to Prithviraj Chauhan in the 12th century and also with subsequent kings-shahenshahs-foreign invaders. After this, many changes took place in the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century.  

In the 16th century, when the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan established Shahjahanabad, ie Old Delhi, this circle of security got a more organized form. During this time the ‘Kotwal system’ also spread in India. After this, when the British arrived in India, they made many improvements in it and made it legal. After the complete capture of Delhi in 1858, it took almost 3 years for the British to make this law. 

Finally, on 6 October 1860, ‘Taj-e- Rat -e Hind’ i.e.  Indian Penal Code  was started in India. It has been 160 years since the adoption of this system in the year 2021. There are many sections of IPC in India even today, which used to be 160 years ago. During this, along with making the IPC, the British had also made 5 police stations in Delhi. These included Kotwali, Sadar Bazar, Sabzi Mandi, Mehrauli and Mundka (Nangloi).

Country’s first FIR (First FIR Registered in India)  

According to the old records of the Indian Police Department, the country’s first FIR under the ‘Indian Penal Code’ system was registered on October 18, 1861 at the ‘Sabzi Mandi Police Station’ in Delhi . During this, Mayuddin, son Muhammad Yar Khan, a resident of Katra Sheeshmahal, had lodged an FIR of theft

First FIR Report Lodged by Delhi Police in British India: In the year 2017, Delhi Police shared this interesting information from its Twitter handle with the tagline ‘Khas Hai History’ . During this, the police department shared the date as well as the photo of that first FIR. This FIR, registered on October 18, 1861, was written in Urdu.

Know which items were stolen? 

According to this FIR, on the night of 17 October, 3 degches, 3 degchis, 1 bowl, 1 kulfi making frame, 1 hookah and clothes of the women of the house were stolen from Mayuddin’s house. During this, the value of the stolen goods was 45 annas at that time. 16 annas is 1 rupee. Accordingly, it was stolen around 2 rupees 70 paise.




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