MP: When the woman’s health deteriorated after getting the vaccine, the villagers held the health workers hostage

A woman fell ill after getting the vaccine in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, after which the villagers did not let the health workers go and kept them hostage.

Actually, this case is of Chitti Budhena village of Chhindwara district. On Sunday, 55 people were vaccinated here, after which a rural woman became ill at night. He started having vomiting.

When this information came to the female health worker, CHO and ANM, she reached the village to see the patient. The woman’s BP was checked. BP was coming down due to vomiting. Health workers said that we give medicines, we will be healthy. On this the villagers started saying that till the patient is not cured, you will not go anywhere. There was an argument between the two sides on this matter.

The dispute went on for an hour. After that the health workers informed the ambulance service which reached the spot. The woman was referred to Harrai Community Health Center by ambulance. Even after that, the villagers were not being allowed to leave the village to the health worker, so dial 100 was informed. After that, after the advice of the police, the health workers were able to come back safely from the village.

Villagers had taken health workers hostage

Chief Health Officer GC Chaurasia says that vaccination was done in the village by evening. When a woman’s health was reported to be deteriorating in the night, the CHO and ANM were informed. He had gone to see them. That sick woman was admitted to the hospital through 108. Those people had some confusion that their health deteriorated due to the vaccine. The symptoms of the woman were of vomiting and diarrhea as if it was the effect of food poisoning. This was told by the BMO there. He was shifted to the hospital. There was resentment among the villagers about this matter. It is true that after the arrival of Dial 100, the health workers can go. Health workers have informed Harrai BMO. SDM has also been informed. The matter is still pending. No action has been taken against anyone yet.

At the same time, in this case, the Harrai police station in-charge, while giving information on the phone, said that the villagers started telling the health workers that till the patient is not cured, you will not leave from here, on this the health workers said that what do we do? As long as you sit here. There was a debate about this. When Dial 100 got information, the police reached the spot. After explaining, the women health workers were let go. No complaint has been registered in this case in police station Harrai.


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