Mumbai: 29 students of KEM Medical College found corona infected, 27 fully vaccinated

29 students have been found infected with the corona virus at the King Edward Memorial (KEM) Medical College in Mumbai, the country’s financial capital. All these students are doing MBBS and out of them 27 had received both the doses of corona virus vaccine.
Of the students found infected, 23 are in the second year, while six students are in the first year of MBBS. Two students have been admitted to Seven Hills Hospital and the rest are in quarantine.

1,100 students study in college, 29 were tested

Giving information about the matter, Dean of KEM Medical College, Dr Hemant Deshmukh said that 1,100 students are doing MBBS from the college and all the 29 students who were tested have been found infected with the corona virus.
How these students got infected, it is not yet known and direction is going on in this regard. Other students can also be tested.

Students are being found infected since the opening of the school-college

Let us inform that after the second wave of corona virus epidemic came under control, schools and colleges have started opening across the country, although along with this, cases of students being found infected are also coming up here.
The same happened recently in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and 30 senior, junior and trainee officers of Army War College here were found to be Corona positive. All of them had got both doses of the vaccine.

In Mumbai, more than 7,000 people have been infected after getting both doses.

It is worth noting that even after getting both doses of the vaccine, some people can be infected with corona and nothing extraordinary happens in this. However, these people do not become seriously ill.
It was revealed in a report that out of 25 lakh people who have had both the doses in Mumbai, 7,057 have been infected with corona. Of these, 52 per cent were over the age of 60 and did not require oxygen or hard drugs.

What is the status of corona epidemic in Maharashtra and Mumbai?

Maharashtra is the most affected state by the corona epidemic and more than 3,000 new cases are still being reported here. A total of 65,47,793 people have been found infected in the state and 1,39,011 people have died.
Talking about Mumbai, a total of 7,42,528 people have been found infected here and 16,103 people have died. Last day, 527 people were found infected here and six patients died.



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