PM Modi US Visit: Biden-Kamala Harris meeting, PAK-China message, Modi’s US visit like this

Prime Minister Modi’s US tour is over. He is returning to India on Sunday. During his three-day visit, PM Modi met US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He also participated in the Quad meeting and addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US tour is over. He has left for India from America on Saturday night. While returning from America, PM Modi expressed confidence that the relations between India and America will be stronger in the coming times.

During his three-day visit, PM Modi addressed the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Participated in the first Quad Summit. Met with US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Also met Australian PM Scott Morrison and Japan PM Yoshihide Suga. Apart from all this, PM Modi also met CEOs of 5 companies of America and invited them to invest in India. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said this to Modi.

What did Modi do during his three-day visit?

1. Message given at the Global Kovid Summit

PM Modi gave a message at the Global Kovid Summit. He told that during the Corona period, India helped more than 150 countries and brought the corona vaccine made in India to 95 countries. He said that when India was battling the second wave of Corona, then the countries of the world stood with it like a family. He thanked him for this. Along with this, he also said that international travel should be made easier by recognizing the vaccine certificate.

2. Meeting with CEOs of 5 American companies

PM Modi met CEOs of 5 American companies. These included Qualcomm CEO Cristanio R Amon, Adobe’s Shantanu Narain, First Solar’s Mark Widmer, General Atomics’ Vivek Lal, Blackstone’s Stephen A. Schwarzman. In this meeting, PM Modi invited him to invest in India.

3. Meeting with Australian and Japanese PMs

PM Modi held a bilateral meeting with Australian PM Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. With both the leaders, PM Modi talked about the corona epidemic, mutual relations and business. PM Modi gifted Morrison a ship made of pink enamel craft. At the same time, the Buddha statue of sandalwood was given to the Japanese PM Suga.

4. Meeting with Biden and Kamala Harris

Prime Minister Modi met US Vice President Kamala Harris. Many issues including corona vaccination, democracy, supply chain and technology were discussed between the two. During this, PM Modi also invited Kamala Harris to come to India. PM Modi also gifted Kamala Harris some old documents related to her maternal grandfather PV Gopalan and a pink Meenakari chess set.

After Harris, PM Modi held a bilateral meeting with President Joe Biden. During this, PM Modi said that together India and America can solve many global challenges. At the same time, Biden said that in 2006, when he was the Vice President of America, he had said that India and America will be good friends in 2020. During this, many important issues were also discussed between the two and there was also laughter.

5. Participated in Quad Meeting

PM Modi also participated in the quad meeting. Joe Biden presided over this meeting. The Quad Group includes India, America, Australia and Japan. A message was given to China from this meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, Biden said that only those democratic countries have been kept in this organization, which have an inclusive thinking for the whole world, which have a vision for the future. Together we will prepare to face the challenges that come. At the same time, PM Modi said that when the whole world is fighting against Corona, then the quad has become active for the betterment of the world.

6. Attack on Pakistan from UN platform

Prime Minister Modi addressed the United Nations General Assembly on the last day of his US visit. During this, PM Modi spoke a lot about Pakistan and its Prime Minister Imran Khan without naming him. PM Modi said that whoever is using terrorism, they also have to understand that it is an equally big threat for them. Referring to the situation in Afghanistan, PM Modi said that we also need to be careful that no country should try to use the delicate situation there as a tool for its selfishness.

7. What is PM Modi returning from America?

PM Modi is coming back from America with some old and rare artifacts. The Biden administration has given 157 artifacts to PM Modi as a gift. All these artifacts date back to the period from the 11th century to the 14th century as well as 2000 BC. Some objects belong to a terracotta vase from the second CE. 45 artifacts are from ancient times.


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