Punjab: Kejriwal promises free treatment if government is formed, health card will be made for all residents

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal, who is dreaming of forming the government in Punjab, today announced that every resident of Punjab will be provided free and best treatment in government hospitals if his party comes to power after the assembly elections. .
Apart from this, he also promised to provide medicines, tests and surgeries free of cost. Health card will also be made for every resident of the state.

Kejriwal made six big promises

While releasing the second list of election promises in Ludhiana, Kejriwal made six important promises.
He said, “We will provide free and best treatment to every resident of Punjab in government hospitals. These will be as good as private hospitals. All medicines, tests, treatments and surgeries will be free of cost. Even if a surgery costs Rs 10-20 lakh, Even then it will be free in government hospitals. Apart from this, in case of road accident, the government will provide complete treatment to anyone.

Health card will be made for every resident, Pind clinics will be built in every village- Kejriwal

In his press conference, Kejriwal also promised to make health cards of all the residents of Punjab on the lines of Delhi. “The health card will contain the medical history of the patients so that no one has to roam around with all the reports,” he said.
Kejriwal also promised to open Pind clinics in every village and Ward clinics in every city in Punjab like the “world famous Mohalla clinics” of Delhi. He said that 16,000 such clinics would be opened.

Kejriwal said – by improving government hospitals, they will make them like private ones

Kejriwal also promised to improve the condition of government hospitals and make them like private hospitals by getting them repaired when the AAP government came to power in Punjab.
During this, questioning the old government, he said that in Punjab government hospitals do not get treatment and private hospitals are looted. He said the situation was the same in Delhi as well seven years ago and AAP has improved.

Kejriwal has also promised to provide 300 units of free electricity

Let us inform that in his first list of election promises, Kejriwal had promised to provide 300 units of free electricity every month to every family and 24 hours electricity if AAP formed the government in Punjab.

Assembly elections in Punjab next year, all-round competition expected

Let us inform that assembly elections are to be held in Punjab next year and it is expected to be an all-out contest.
While the Congress, which is in power in the state, is once again trying to form its government, the AAP wants to taste victory in Punjab for the first time.
Akali Dal also remains in the race and its position has strengthened after the alliance with BSP. BJP to Amarinder



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