Rihanna included in the list of billionaires of the world, became the richest female musician

Rihanna becomes richest female musician

Rihanna is famous all over the world not only for her songs, but also for her outspoken rhetoric. Rihanna, who has won millions of hearts with her best songs, is once again in the headlines.
The news that is coming now, of course, his fans will not be blown away. Actually, Rihanna has been included in the list of richest female singers in the world by Forbes magazine.
She has officially become the richest musician in the world.
Let’s know the full news.

Rihanna becomes richest female musician

Forbes magazine announced on Wednesday

Pop star Rihanna has now become a billionaire. Rihanna, 33, has been declared the richest female musician in the world.
Forbes magazine revealed on Wednesday that Rihanna has a net worth of $ 1.7 billion (about Rs 126 billion).
Surprisingly, it is not his music career that made him a billionaire, but his business, which helped him secure a spot in the Forbes magazine list.

This is Rihanna’s source of income

According to Forbes, $1.4 billion (about Rs 103 billion) of Rihanna’s net worth is from ‘Fenty Beauty Cosmetics’. She owns 50 percent of this company.
The rest of Rihanna’s earnings comes from her stake in her company ‘Savage x Fenty Lingerie’.
Rihanna has earned as a singer, actor and magazine photoshoot.
Before Rihanna’s beauty company, the range of dark skin tones was not so easily available.

Rihanna’s fan following is strong on social media

Rihanna’s craze on social media speaks volumes for the fans. He has 100 million followers on Instagram, while on Twitter he is followed by 100 million people.
Rihanna is a social media sensation. Not only are her songs a hit, Rihanna also earns a lot from social media handles. Every one of his posts trends.
She is very active on social media and remains in discussion among her fans.

Rihanna becomes richest female musician

Rihanna started her career at the age of 17

Rihanna’s real name is Robin Fenty. He started his career at the age of 17. Rihanna rocked the pop music industry as soon as she came.
Before him ‘Music of the Sun’ had made many records. Rihanna has never looked back in her career.
In 2007, Rihanna’s album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ made world records. Rihanna has won several Grammy and Billboard Music Awards.



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