Samsung is shutting down image backup feature, download your photos before they are deleted

The company has been showing a warning to Samsung smartphone users for a long time and asking them to download saved photos and data on Samsung Cloud.
If you haven’t done so and your photos are saved on Samsung Cloud, then the delay can be overwhelming.
Actually, the company is going to shut down its image backup service, which is currently part of Samsung Cloud.
Next month the company will delete all the photos of store users on it.

Storage available on Samsung Cloud

Users who buy Samsung smartphones get limited cloud storage from the company, in which they can sync their contacts, calendar and notes.
Users used to get the option to save their photos in the gallery, sync and back up this cloud storage, which is no longer available.
The company has decided to turn off the image backup feature, which means that users will not be able to save their photos to the cloud along with the rest of the data.

The company gave users one month’s time

Samsung users currently get the option of cloud syncing and backing up with Microsoft OneDrive in the Gallery and My Files apps.
The company says that along with turning off the image backup feature, the photos of users saved on the cloud will be deleted.
In the message visible to the users, Samsung has said that the process of deleting photos will start from September 30 and by the end of November, the photos of all users will be removed from the cloud.

free download your photo

Samsung has divided its users into two groups, whose data will be deleted on different deadlines.
The data of the first group will be removed from Samsung Cloud on September 30, while the photos of the second group will be deleted by the end of November.
However, it is not clear which markets’ users have been placed in which group.
It is important that you download your photos from the cloud as soon as possible.

How to download photos from Samsung Cloud

If you have a Samsung smartphone, go to the Settings app and search for Samsung Cloud.
Here you will find Download My Data, Synced Apps, Backup Data, Restore Data and Delete Backup options.
On selecting the first option, your photos will be downloaded to the phone’s storage. After this you can back up these photos on local storage.
However, if you haven’t backed up the photos to Samsung Cloud, the changes won’t affect you.

These users will be able to take backup of photos

Users who have connected their OneDrive account to the device will be able to back up photos to Microsoft’s cloud storage.
However, such users only get 5GB of storage space, so they will have to pay for more storage.
Many services (eg Google Drive, Dropbox) offer free limited cloud storage if you want to back up your data in the cloud.
Your data saved on cloud storage is secure and can be accessed from any device.




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