Taliban to form new government in Afghanistan tomorrow, Hebtullah may be made chief

It’s been more than two weeks since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. America has also completely evacuated Afghanistan.
With this, the Taliban has completed all preparations to form a new government and it is expected that it can announce the new government after Friday prayers.
After this, the biggest challenge for the Taliban will be to get the support of other countries.

Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August

The Taliban intensified attacks on Afghanistan with the withdrawal of US forces and took control on August 15. Since then the Taliban has been engaged in the formation of a new government.
Thousands of Afghans have been trying to leave the country due to Taliban rule, although the crowds outside Kabul airport have now reduced. The Taliban has been continuously asking countries to recognize themselves.

America returned from Afghanistan on Monday

On Monday, the last US plane took off from Kabul airport, ending America’s two-decade military operation.
Major General Chris Donahue was the last US military officer to board a plane from Kabul. The US has ended its military operation a day before the August 31 deadline.
On the other hand, the Taliban said that Afghanistan has got “complete independence” with the return of America.

Hibtollah Akhundzada may be made head of government

Here, the Taliban has said that discussions on forming a new government have been finalized and a formal announcement will be made soon. Top Taliban leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada will reportedly head the new government in Afghanistan.
The Taliban announced the formation of a new government, three days after the US ended its two-decade-long “war on terror” and called for a complete withdrawal of its troops.

“Consultation finalized, the new government will become a model for the people”

Taliban leader Anamullah Samangani said that discussions on the new government and cabinet are almost over. The Islamic government of the Taliban will be a model for the people of the country. He said that Hibatullah Akhundzada would be the leader of the government.

Prime Minister, President to be under Akhundzada – Report

Not much is yet clear about the governance structure in the new Taliban government. Even after this, some reports say that under Akhundzada there will be a prime minister and a presidency.
One analyst said the new system would be neither a republic nor an emirate but an Islamic government. “Hibtollah will be the leader of Afghanistan … Beneath him … there will be a prime minister or president who will work under his supervision.”

Who is Mulla Hibatullah Akhundzada?

Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada is the supreme leader of the Taliban. He has never made any public appearances and has always been away from the public eye.
Akhundzada was appointed leader of the Taliban after his predecessor Mullah Mansoor Akhtar was killed in a US drone strike in 2016.
They were challenged to unite the group after they briefly parted ways after Akhtar’s assassination.

Taliban appoints police chiefs, governors and mayors

Meanwhile, the Taliban has also appointed police chiefs, caretaker government ministers, almost all provincial governors and mayors of several cities in Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.
“The Islamic emirate is active in every province. Each province has a governor. Each district has a district governor and each province has a police chief,” said a Taliban member.
The Taliban had said that at present all these appointments have been made on a temporary basis.

There is an atmosphere of uncertainty in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power

Uncertainty has increased since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. This is because many educated and capable Afghans have fled the country for fear of reprisal.
The Taliban is also struggling to keep the government machinery running due to a lack of manpower.
With rising prices of daily essentials, Afghans are struggling to fill their stomachs with jobs, earnings or cash in hand.

Taliban promises to form inclusive government

After occupying Afghanistan, the Taliban held discussions with Afghan politicians to form an “inclusive government” in the country.
It was also previously reported that the Taliban’s “inclusive caretaker government” would include leaders from all ethnic and tribal backgrounds. While the Taliban claim that consultations on government formation have been finalised.
However, there has been no public discussion on the name of the government, the national flag or the national anthem.


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