Taliban’s claim of possession of Panjshir Valley, rebel leaders rejected

The Taliban claimed on Friday that they had captured the whole of Afghanistan after defeating the insurgency in the Panjshir Valley.
Taliban sources claimed they had defeated insurgent forces in Panjshir and now had control over the whole of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, rebel leaders have rejected the Taliban’s claim, saying that fighting is still going on.

Confrontation continues in Panjshir

The clash between the Taliban and the insurgent fighters has been going on for the past few days, but in the last four days the conflict has intensified. On Thursday, former President Hamid Karzai called on both sides to maintain peace and stop the bloodshed.
Let us inform that the acting President Amrullah Saleh has raised the trumpet of opposition to the Taliban from Panjshir with the help of the forces of the Northern Alliance under the leadership of Ahmed Masood.

Saleh said – the fight is still on

In the midst of the conflict, some reports claimed that Saleh had left Panjshir and fled to Tajikistan. After this he released the video saying that he is present in Panjshir and his fight with Taliban is going on.
A Twitter handle purportedly linked to Ahmed Masood has claimed that the reports of Taliban capturing Panjshir being run in Pakistani media are false.

Taliban taking help of Al Qaeda to capture Panjshir – report

Al Arabiya TV has reported in its report that the Taliban has joined hands with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda to capture Panjshir and its fighters are also coming to support the Taliban.
Saleh has spoken of coming together with Pakistan, Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to capture Panjshir. He also claimed that the Taliban had blocked humanitarian aid to Panjshir.

Geographical location makes Panjshir special

The Panjshir Valley, located about 150 km northeast of Kabul, has an important place in the military history of Afghanistan.
Its geographical location sets it apart from the rest of the country. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the way to reach this valley passes through a narrow pass which can be easily secured with the help of the army.
Neither the Taliban nor Russia has been able to capture the Panjshir Valley surrounded by the Hindukush mountains.

Long history of resistance of Panjshir Valley

Panjshir was considered one of the safest areas in Afghanistan during the period between the Taliban’s ouster from power and their return to power.
The history of this valley is remembered with the name of Ahmed Shah Masood. Shah Masood was a veteran Tajik commander who fought against the Taliban.
Now his son Ahmed Masouh is leading the insurgency against the Taliban, along with caretaker President Saleh.


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