Tamil Nadu: Police arrests mother who brutally thrashed two-year-old son

The safest place for the child is the mother’s lap, but what if the mother becomes the devil for the children?
One such case has come to light in Tamil Nadu, where a 23-year-old woman brutally thrashed her own two-year-old son and made a video of him viral on social media.
However, now after the video surfaced, the police have identified the woman and arrested her.

The woman had beaten up the innocent son in February

Villupuram district superintendent of police (SP) Dr N Srinath said that in February, two videos went viral on social media.
In this, the woman beats her son Pradeep on the face and blood comes out of the child’s mouth, but she keeps hitting him.
Similarly, in another video, the woman can be seen hitting the child’s feet and the child is screaming in pain. After this the woman beats him with slippers.

Scratches are seen on the child’s back in the video

SP Srinath said that in another video, scratch marks can also be seen on the back of the innocent child. Which indicates that the woman has beaten him with a belt. Mother is also shown crying in many places in the video.

Police took action and arrested the woman

SP Srinath said that the search for the woman was started on the basis of the video. After a long effort, the police got to know the woman and on Sunday she was arrested from Chittoor.
He said that the woman has been identified as Tulsi (23). She and her husband both do agriculture. Recently they got divorced. Since then Tulsi had gone to Chittoor with two children (Pradeep the youngest).

The woman told this reason for beating the child mercilessly

Tulsi was planning to have a second marriageSP Srinath told that whenever Tulsi had a fight with her husband, she used to torture the child and also made videos.
Apart from this, Tulsi did not like Pradeep because of the problems he faced at the time of his birth. Actually, Pradeep was born by caesarean, after which Tulsi started having health problems. For this she considered Pradeep responsible and used to vent all her anger by beating him.

Tulsi was planning to have a second marriage

Police told that Tulsi was planning a second marriage. Due to which she used to have disputes with her ex-husband. Her husband also forbade her to have an affair with another man, but she continued to ignore his words.

Police registered a case under these sections

SP Srinath said that a case of kidnapping, causing hurt and attempt to murder has been registered against the woman.
He told that the psychiatrists have confirmed that Tulsi is completely mentally healthy and she does not have any mental problem. His mental test was done following the orders given by the magistrate to the police. The children have now been handed over to their fathers.


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