The history of these 30 centuries old things is very interesting, many unique things will be seen including Hitler’s phone

Time moves forward, leaving history behind. The history of things that were once used by people thousands of years ago. Or the things that made history. Many of these historical things were buried under the ground for centuries to testify their existence to the future. At the same time, there were many such, which were preserved to tell history to future generations.
Today we have brought pictures of some such things for you. After seeing these, surely your interest in historical things will increase even more.

1. A 1200 year old Viking Age ring, on which the sentence ‘For Allah’ was inscribed. The ring was found from the grave of a woman buried in Birka, 25 km west of modern Stockholm.

2. 2300 years old Scythian woman’s shoe

3. The first pictures of the Moon made by Galileo in 1609.

4. The Gun Hidden Within a Bible – (1619-1694)


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