These are the five countries with the cheapest internet plans in the world, India is not included in the list

Internet plans in India have become expensive in the last two years and their price may increase further.
India has not been able to make it to the list of five countries that offer the cheapest internet.
A survey conducted by Europe’s telecom company Melita has revealed the average price of mobile broadband in other markets of the world.
The survey revealed that Israel is currently the cheapest mobile broadband offering country.

Mobile broadband connection is the cheapest in these countries

According to the survey report, the average price per 1 GB of mobile data in Israel on a monthly basis is only $0.05 (Rs 3.67).
The average speed of mobile broadband connection in this country is around 35.98Mbps.
The five countries where mobile broadband connections are the cheapest are Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Fiji, Italy and the Russian Federation.
The average price per GB of data in India is higher as compared to these countries.

Internet was cheap in India two years ago

According to the survey, internet connection in India has become more expensive than before.
In the year 2019, the average price per 1 GB of data in India was $ 0.26 (Rs 19.11), which has increased to $ 0.68 (Rs 49.97) in the year 2021.
In this way, there has been a difference of $ 0.42 (Rs 30.87) in the price of internet per GB in two years.
At the same time, mobile broadband speeds in the country have not improved and users get an average speed of 12.15Mbps.

Price decreased in China but average speed increased

Compared to the neighboring country China, the internet in India is cheaper than this, although India does not stand anywhere in terms of speeds.
Apart from this, the Internet in China has become many times cheaper than in the year 2019.
Internet, which was available in China in 2019 at $ 9.89 (Rs 726.81) per GB, has reached $ 0.52 (Rs 38.21) per GB in 2021.
Here users are getting average download speeds of 150.4Mbps.

Better Internet Speeds in Nepal and Pakistan

The survey has revealed that Nepal and Pakistan also have lower average prices per GB of data, while both countries are ahead of India in terms of speeds.
Users in Pakistan get an average speed of 18.25Mbps with an average price of $0.59 (Rs 43.36) per GB.
Whereas in Nepal, it costs $ 0.61 (Rs 44.83) per GB of data and the average speed is up to 20.78Mbps.

India is better in terms of fixed broadband

India is far ahead of neighboring countries in terms of fixed broadband speeds, although its plans are expensive.
Users in India pay an average price of $13.58 (Rs 997.99) for fixed broadband and get an average internet speed of 56.1Mbps.
The survey has revealed that it takes only 12 minutes, 10 seconds to download a four-hour movie in India with the help of fixed broadband.

Internet fastest in Singapore

A 4GB movie download in Singapore in just 2 minutes, 55 seconds with the fastest broadband internet. Fixed broadband speeds here average 234.4Mbps, with an average price of $33.43 (Rs 2,456.76) per GB per month.



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