Those unique transport means of the world, which will be seen only in these 8 countries

Unique Mode of Transport:  Traveling to all the countries of the world is a thrilling experience in itself. During this time people often use planes, trains, buses and cars as means of transport to roam, but in many countries of the world there are some means of transport which are unique in themselves. These are the modes of transport that you will never see in India. If you are fond of traveling, then you can make your trip fun in these countries of the world by taking a train made of bamboo to a sled ride pulled by reindeer.

 Let us know which unique transport means are seen in which country-

1- Suspension Railway (Germany) 

Suspension monorail was introduced in 1901 in the city of Wuppertal, Germany . It is the world’s oldest hanging car electric elevated railway. It was made using 19,200 tonnes of steel. More than 85,000 commuters use it daily to travel to Wuppertal. 

2- Coco Taxi (Cuba) 

The yellow taxis hollow coconut size (Coco Taxi) are viewed in Havana and Vradero city of Cuba. They are faster and less expensive than other taxis. In Cuba, black taxis are used by local people, while yellow taxis are used by tourists.

3- DUKW (UK) 

The US Army designed these trucks to run on both land and water during ‘World War II’. Due to this, they are also known as DUKW (Duck) . Today you can ride these unique ‘duck trucks’ in London’s ‘River Thames’ .  

4- Monte Toboggan (Portugal)  

Toboggan, an unusual transport originating in the 19th century, is used to descend the hill of Funchal. This 2 km journey from Monte to Funchal takes just 10 minutes. It also carries two riders. You can ride them from near ‘Nossa Senhora do Monte Church’.

5- Dog Sleds (USA) 

Near the Arctic Circle in Alaska, USA, you can see 4 to 6 trained dogs pulling a sled. You can glide through these in the snow via a variety of sledges. This special mode of transportation in Alaska is celebrated every year with a 1,150-mile run from Anchorage to Nome.

6- Gondola (Italy) 

The beautiful canals of Venice city of Italy are famous all over the world. These canals are well known for their large network. The traditional wooden carved ‘gondola boats’ running in these canals are considered most useful for visiting the city of Venice . Gondola boats are considered special to see the major attractions of the city. Gondolas are mostly reserved for tourists only.

7- Bamboo Train (Cambodia) 

Cambodian bamboo trains are known as ‘nori’ . These bamboo trains running in Battambang, Cambodia run on electric generators. These trains can run on railway tracks at a speed of up to 40 km / h. Their rent is also very less. Do experience it once in your life.

8- Barco de Totora (Peru) 

If you are visiting the ‘Lake of Titicaca’ in Peru , the ‘Totora Boat’ is the best way to get from one shore to the other of this beautiful lake . These boats are shaped like ‘dragons’, made from dried bundles of totora reed by the Uros people living on the shores of Lake Titicaca.



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