Threat of terrorist attack at Kabul airport, western countries ask their citizens to leave

The US and other Western countries have expressed fear of a terrorist attack at Kabul airport and asked their citizens to leave immediately.
These countries have asked their citizens gathered inside or outside the airport to leave Afghanistan or go to safer places and wait for further instructions.
Meanwhile, many countries have also started closing their flights and by August 31, almost all countries will stop their operations.

America asks its citizens to leave the country
The US State Department on Thursday directed its citizens gathered at the Abe Gate, East Gate and North Gate of Kabul Airport to leave Afghanistan immediately in view of the security threat.
Similarly, Britain has also asked people to live in safe places and wait for further instructions. It has said that the security situation in Afghanistan remains unstable and there is a high risk of terrorist attacks.

Australia also issued alert

Australia has also issued a similar alert to its citizens and said that there is a great danger of attack at Kabul airport. He has asked his citizens gathered around the airport to move to safer places.

Countries start shutting down their flights from Kabul

All countries are shutting down flights from Kabul airport

Meanwhile, many countries have stopped their special flights operated from Kabul and some countries will close in the coming days. Belgium said on Wednesday it was calling off its operation after nearly 1,100 people were safely evacuated from Kabul in recent days.
France has also announced to stop its flights from Thursday, while Turkey has started withdrawing its troops.

By August 31, all countries have to evacuate their soldiers and civilians

The deadline for the evacuation of foreign forces and civilians from Afghanistan is August 31 and the Taliban have refused to give more time.
The Taliban says that this deadline will not be extended and if foreign countries remain in Afghanistan even after this, then it can have serious consequences.
In this regard, the G-7 countries have called an important meeting and have asked the US to extend the deadline.

IS attack threat at Kabul airport

Along with the Taliban, the US is also not inclined to extend the deadline of August 31 and a major reason for this is the threat of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).
It is feared that IS may try to attack around Kabul airport. Despite being a Sunni organization, the IS and the Taliban are at odds with each other, and IS has described the Taliban as a ‘Bitch of America’ due to the Taliban being a bit soft.

What is the situation in Afghanistan now?

After the withdrawal of US forces, the Taliban have occupied Afghanistan and are trying to form their own government. It is trying to form a government that is acceptable to the majority of the people of Afghanistan and talks are going on in this regard with different communities of the country.
The Taliban has also announced amnesty to all its enemies and those who have worked for previous governments.

Contrary to promise, Taliban beat and threaten UN employees

However, the situation on the ground is different and incidents of Taliban acting against their promises are coming to the fore.
On Sunday itself, the Taliban stopped a United Nations (UN) employee on his way to Kabul Airport and thrashed him after finding a UN card with him in search.
Apart from this, on Monday, he reached the house of another UN employee who was in the office at that time and threatened his son.


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