Transformer of low capacity in Dali became a cause of trouble

In Dali of Kalakot area, people are troubled by the problem of low voltage electricity for the last ten years.

Villagers say that the demand to increase the transformer capacity is being made for the last ten years, but no attention is being paid by the electricity department. Due to this the problem of low voltage of electricity is troubling us.

Local villagers and social workers Raghuveer Singh, Jamit Singh, Lakhiram, Surjeet Singh, Bhikham Singh etc. villagers told that there is only one transformer of 63 kV in the village, on which about 150 houses have a load of electricity and a flour mill. The problem lies in depth.

He said that in the year 1993, when the power transformer was installed, there were 70 to 80 houses, but today there are more than 150 houses, which are getting electricity from this transformer.

Villagers said the situation gets worse in summers. Neither the electric light is destined properly nor the fans, coolers etc. are able to run, due to which the problem increases manifold. Villagers said that our demand is that the transformer capacity should be increased or a separate transformer should be given, so that we can get rid of the problem of low voltage of electricity which is bothering us for the last ten years.

At the same time, in this regard, JE Sudhir Khajuria of Electricity Department says that higher level officers of the department have been written for additional transformer of high capacity in village Dali. It is hoped that with the arrival of the transformer soon, the problem of low voltage being faced by the villagers will be solved.



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