US President warns – there may be another attack on Kabul airport

US President Joe Biden has warned that there could be another terrorist attack at Kabul airport soon. Biden said commanders told him the attack could happen within the next few hours.
The US has asked all its citizens to leave the Kabul airport in view of the possibility of an attack.
Earlier on Thursday, about 200 people were killed in the bomb blast and subsequent firing.

Biden said – the strike will continue against IS

On Thursday, 13 American soldiers were also killed in a blast outside Kabul airport. The Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K) had claimed responsibility for the blast.
Hours after the attack, the US killed two people, including an Islamic State ‘conspirator’, in a drone strike. Biden said it was not the last strike. America will hunt down all those responsible for the attack and they will have to pay the price.

American soldiers are returning from Kabul

America’s military operation in Kabul ends on August 31 and in view of this, its troops are returning.
Last week there were 5,800 US troops at Kabul airport, of whom 1,800 have now returned.
A White House official said that the next few days are going to be extremely dangerous.
The Taliban, on the other hand, have increased surveillance outside the airport and built several new checkpoints.

UK ends evacuation operation, troops return

The United Kingdom (UK) has called off an evacuation operation from Afghanistan and its diplomats, officials and soldiers withdrew from Kabul.
The head of the UK military, General Sir Nick Carter, said it was heartbreaking that they could not get everyone out of Afghanistan.
Similarly, Italy also called off the evacuation operation on Saturday. Italy has so far evacuated 5,000 Afghan civilians.

1.10 lakh people have been evacuated from Afghanistan

Under the evacuation operation that started about two weeks ago, 1.10 lakh people have been evacuated from Kabul. These include foreigners as well as citizens of Afghanistan.
People are now trying to escape through the border with Pakistan, after evacuation operations of most countries were closed from the airport and the Taliban’s strictness on the roads increased. Many people have reached Pakistan from the open border gate near Spin Boldak area.

Taliban seeks help from Turkey to operate the airport

US troops preparing to leave Kabul have handed over the security of the outer circle of the airport to the Taliban. Apart from this, Taliban fighters have also been stationed at some checkposts built inside the airport.
With the flight of the last American plane, the airport will also come under Taliban control. The Taliban has sought help from Turkey for its operation. Turkey is considering this proposal.


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