WhatsApp is about to bring multi-device 2.0, chatting will happen in other Android or iOS devices too

Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is giving users the opportunity to try the multi-device feature in the linked devices section.
However, the current feature is in beta mode and only allows login on select devices like desktop, web and portal.
Currently, users cannot login to more than one smartphone with the same WhatsApp number.
Soon such a feature can be available to WhatsApp users, which will give the option of WhatsApp login in more than one smartphone.

Signs of testing found in the new report

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing an update for its existing multi-device feature.
With this multi-device 2.0 update, WhatsApp will try to support the feature on Android and iOS devices as well.
That is, WhatsApp users will be able to login to a secondary Android or iOS device other than a primary smartphone.
A screenshot related to the new feature has also surfaced, in which ‘Downloading WhatsApp message’ is seen written on the mobile device.

WhatsApp chatting can be done from two devices

The benefit of the new feature will be available to those users who use more than one smartphone or one Android phone and another iPhone.
Users will be able to chat with both by logging into both the devices simultaneously.
It has been said in the report that while setting up the secondary mobile device, all the messages of the primary device will be downloaded in it.
During this the entire chat history will be end-to-end encrypted and messages will be transferred securely.

Why is the Multi-Device 2.0 feature necessary?

WhatsApp users can login to only one smartphone (Android or iOS) with a single number.
On login with that number on the second mobile device, the user is automatically logged-out from the first device.
In such a situation, users having more than one phone can do WhatsApp chatting from only one phone.
The new Multi-Device 2.0 feature will make their chatting experience easier and better and they won’t have to carry their primary device all the time.

Option to beta test the multi device feature

WhatsApp users are currently being given the option of WhatsApp login in the desktop app, web browser and Facebook portal in addition to the primary smartphone.
The company has released this beta feature for users, which has been included in the Linked Devices section.
With this, users can login to up to four devices simultaneously, but they do not include a smartphone working on the second Android or iOS platform.

The challenge of maintaining privacy

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to keep users’ chats and audio-video calls secure.
With this encryption, it is not easy to maintain the privacy of users’ messages and chats while chatting from multiple devices at the same time.
Special changes have been made to this encryption for multi-device support and the entire chat history of encryption is preserved.
Only after the identity of the user is confirmed, the messages appear in other devices.



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