WWE Extreme Rules: 5 reasons why the ring ropes broke in Roman Reigns and Finn Balor’s match

The WWE Extreme Rules 2021 PPV ended in suspense rather than spectacular. The WWE Universal Championship match was the main event match of this PPV. In which WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was defending his title against the Demon King. At one time it came in this match that even the fans started to feel that now a new Universal Champion would be found, but the ending created a controversy.
Actually, this match of WWE had reached a very exciting turn and the victory of the Demon King was almost certain. The red light was seen in the final moments of the match, which is the power of Demon, but this red light may have been lost to the Demon King. Damon King was on the top rope and Roman was about to jump on Reigns. Suddenly the turnbuckle broke and the ring rope broke open. After which Demon King, standing on the top rope, fell down in the ring and Roman Reigns won the match by hitting a spear. Now the question comes to the fore that how did these last ropes break? So let us answer all these questions in this article.

5 Signs To Add NXT To The WWE Main Roster

WWE has always been looking for ways to invite its Superstars or a group to the main roster. Some time ago RETRIBUTION took over the ring, while a long time ago, Nexus Group gave a special message to the entire main roster. Now it is believed that with the end of Extreme Rules, NXT may enter the main roster. Unraveling the ropes of the ring could be the work of some NXT Faction. Now the story of NXT vs Finn Balor can begin in the main roster of WWE. Now in the upcoming SmackDown it will be clear how the rope of the ring finally broke.

4- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman may have a plan

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar is going to be a match in WWE Crown Jewel in which the championship is going to be defended. Now it is being speculated that Paul Heyman may have untied these ropes. It’s because Paul Heyman will be proving his loyalty to Brock Lesnar once again, which ends the match and Roman Reigns returns to Crown Jewel as the champion. Had Reigns lost here, there would not have been a match for the championship at Crown Jewel, but now Lesnar will have a chance to be the champion.

3- Big sign of Fiend’s return to WWE

Finn Balor fought a match before Extreme Rules at the 2019 SummerSlam in which he had to face defeat. Now it is believed that Fiend is going to return to WWE, even though he was released but the company can give him a contract again. This is because there were reports that Wyatt might be going to AEW and this could be WWE’s master plan to stop him. According to reports, Wyatt may come with a new character.

2- This can also be a well thought out plan

Now many things are coming to the fore at the end of this match. As it may be that this is a well thought out plan. We are saying this because as you can see in the video above, when Balor stood on the ring, he took time to settle down, as he knew that the rope was going to break. When he stood completely, the rope broke. Balor is a light weight superstar and it is impossible to break the rope with his weight. It is believed that WWE made a new plan to make Roman Reigns win.

1- Paul Heyman may be behind it all

Controversy has arisen after the way Balor fell in WWE Extreme Rules. However, it is now believed that Paul Heyman may have opened the ropes of the ring. Paul Heyman must have proved that he is still with Roman Reigns by doing all this and making Roman Reigns win. After the return of Brock Lesnar, there was a question in the minds of the fans whether Paul would work with Roman or Lesnar and this move has become clear that he is with Roman Reigns.


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